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After 7 months: Nearly 100 Deviations, nearly 1500 Pageviews and 17 Watchers - on facebook around 600 Fans. Not bad!
Since I'v started on dA I visited Berlin, the Aethercircus-Festival, Prague, Cannes & Nizza & Saint Paul & Monte Carlo (last week, photos are coming!), had my first exhibition, explored some Lost Places around my city and shot some friends of mine.

I'd like to thank you for your feedbank and support! :) 
Don't be afraid to get in contact with me, I'm happy about every message and I will surely reply.
Hey there!

I'm Leo, a 20-years-old, ambitious artist from Kiel, Germany. After I've started a page on facebook (, I decided to publish some works of me here on deviantArt, too.
I'm studying Russian Philology and Linguistics.

I had no time for drawing anymore - caused by my Abitur and now university - so I've started one year ago with Photography. My lovely girlfriend Olga Obscure assist me and, in the majority of cases, she's responsible for styling, make-up and hair.
Together we're desire & sin, a creative couple full of ideas. <3

To avoid questions: I have a Canon 500D and, since three weeks, a Canon 7D, a few lenses, a little, self-built studio and for editing I'm using Lightroom 3 - all pictures I'll upload here are resized with a powertool for Windows to minimize the duration of an upload.

I'll upload our works during the next days and weeks, stay tuned!